Digital Marketing for your Business
$1000 FOR 125  LEADS
$500 FOR 55 LEADS
$250 FOR 25 LEADS
  • Exclusive: These leads will never be resold. They are exclusive to the purchasing agent. The only way a duplicate occurs is if the consumer opts in twice which is rare in these newer campaigns. 
  • Statewide Leads: You can sell these via in home appointments but these are being generated as a telephone/zoom appointments and will be delivered determined on what state they are in.  3-10 States are recommended for best delivery time.
  • No bait switch: The leads know it is about a death benefit and buying life insurance. These leads are highly targeted to people that think they might not qualify for or have been shopping for Life Insurance. 
  • Delivery Time: 24-48 hours for the 1st lead and 3-4 days to deliver 100 leads. The more States you have the faster we can fill your order. 3+ States is recommended. 
  • ​Lead Replacement: Leads with no phone numbers or obviously fake names will be refunded. Leads in the wrong states will be refunded. Leads will not be replaced for any other reason. They are priced low to absorb some of the "not so good ones". 
  • Twice Complain Rule: We are agents too. We understand what it is like dialing and working leads. Therefore we have a 2 complaint rule. Complain 3 times and we blacklist you as a client. We only want to serve agents that don't complain and understand ALL LEADS WORK SOMETIMES. 
Lead Generation in your business is very important. The goal and focus with these programs is to take the heavy lifting and expensive process of "learning to market digitally" off of agents minds so they can focus on selling life insurance and helping their agents sell insurance as well. 

This lead program will be filled soon and priority will be given based  reoccurring orders and when the order was placed. 

We are only willing to work with positive minded agents that understand "all leads work sometimes". Buying leads is not a guarantee of making sales but certainly part of the process for most all top performing agents. 
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